Transitions in Asset Ownership and the Human Life Cycle

for Family and Business


  • Cost-Effective Tax-Efficient Strategies
  • Immediate Goals Balanced against Long-Term Management and Operating Costs
  • Excellent Listening Skills, Keen Understanding of Social Dynamics

Family Issues
Pre Nuptial Planning, Second Marriages, Blended Families, New Children/Grandchildren, Divorce Tax Analysis
Asset Management structures for Minors, Disabled Adults, Irresponsible Adults, and the Elderly.

Start-ups, Entity Formation, Partnership/Shareholder Agreements
Asset transactions, Business Purchase/Sale, Mergers
Licensing Agreements, Contracts, Negotiations, Mediation
Succession Planning, Buy Outs, Dissolution, Bankruptcy

Real Estate
Purchase/Sale Agreements, Leases

Entity Formation for holding Real Estate
Tax-Free Exchanges

Estate Planning
Wills, Trusts, Probate, Family Limited Partnerships
Business Succession

Urgent Estate planning in hospice, hospital, residential care facility, or your home.